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The Shovel POuch  

Our newest product made for those of you who don't travel in avalanche conditions or just want to keep a shovel handy on the bike. These covers are made from the same 1000 denier Cordura and Sunstop thread with outdoor nylon webbing.

Included is the 3 tie off loops to further secure your gear.

This cover can also be special ordered to fit over the Mountain Addiction Storage Container to keep it waterproof and increase the carrying versatility.

It has 2 mounting options:

1.     4 straps with quick release side lock buckles                                           ( Bag comes as this option )

2.     2 straps with side lock buckles to fit the Mountain Addiction storage containers ( special order only )


   Black $95.16 USD + shipping         $124.95 CDN + shipping

Orange $99.00 USD                           $132.50 CDN

     Blue $99.00 USD                           $132.50 CDN  

        For Purchasing information please go to the Order Page