Installation of RevvUp Engine Blankets

1) The engine blanket cannot make direct contact with the exhaust anywhere, use a heat shield!

2) Move shifter lever as far outboard as possible to prevent wear through, straighten or replace bent shifters

3) Hold blanket in place and mark locations near grommets

4) Prestretch elastics and loop around frame or subframe junction or rad hoseand pass metal bone through the elastic, they will hold themselves in place.

5) Pass bones through grommets and note what direction(s) needs adjustment

6) Remove cover and adjust bands to get a slight pull towards center and have the edges flush with the frame.

7) Put cover on and ride


Installation of Shovel Pouch

1)    Gas spout of Mountain Addiction can should face forward on the tunnel (closest to seat) straps should line up with existing tunnel to top bolts, use new bolts to fasten all 4 - 1” sidelock female buckles.

2)    The ¾” female sidelock buckle goes on the back fuel can retainer bar, centered and pointing up. 

3)    Place cover in position and adjust and fasten buckles. Slide shovel head into pouch keeping probe and shovel handle holders clear. The ¾” male sidelock goes through the shovel head and keeps the shovel head secure. Because all shovel heads are different there is a center hook on a cord with a cord lock, I suggest drilling a hole in the shovel head so this cord can act as a safety.

4)    Probes slide into right side of the shovel pocket and get trapped by the shovel head and attached with the small rubber tie. The hook is the safety that attaches to your probe bag

5)    Shovel handle loads on the left side and is also trapped by the shovel head at the front and fastened by the locking clip. The clips are adjustable by pulling or pushing the lower tab and helping the elastic through (before clipping onto shovel handle) There is a loop with a hook  on this side for you to put a safety leash on your shovel handle, with so many different configurations of shovel handles I have to leave this one up to you.


Installation of Standard cover

1) Gas spout of Mountain Addiction can should face rearwards on the tunnel, the cover straps should line up with existing tunnel to top bolts, use supplied bolts to fasten 2 side grommets on left side and 2 side lock female buckles on the right side.